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Climatology is itself a branch of physics, but it is often highly dependent upon other sciences.

Thus if one is to understand various aspects of of the science of climatology, one will oftentimes need to understand the results and methods of various various other sciences. For example, climatology is highly dependent upon the study of radiation and how it interacts with matter: this is afterall a large part of the basis for our understanding of the greenhouse effect. Climatology depends upon chemistry insofar as it must understand the formation of ozone - one of the greenhouse gases. Climatology depends upon geology insofar as it attempts to identify the principles governing climates by learning lessons from deep geologic time. Climatology depends upon meteorology insofar as its results will be dependent upon the variation of precipitation or the dependence of various aspects of the climate upon temperature.

In the pages which follow, we will go into varying degrees of depth on some of the topics within each branch of various sciences, topics which are relevant to climatology. In some cases we will even go into the mathematical principles underlying important aspects of climatology. In the process, we will illustrate the interdependence of various branches of science upon one another, and lay a foundation upon which will rest much of our understanding and hopefully encourage readers to undertake a journey of exploration and discovery of our world.

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