Common Fallacies: Time And Location

Fallacies of Time

To Be Added:

If we stopped adding carbon dioxide to the atmosphere today, we would see no further increase in temperature.

Fallacies of Location


We can just move.

Some people will think that they can just move to a higher latitude or move inland.

Basic Response:

It usually isn't that easy - for cities or crops.

Additional Points:

  1. People depend upon a great deal of infrastructure. You can't just pick up cities and move them. Buildings are fixed. So are roads. Then there are the water supplies, sewage, the powerlines for electricity and fixed structures for various other services.
  2. The soil will be different. If you are thinking about moving crops to higher latitudes, it probably won't be that easy. For one thing, the soil will be different and oftentimes ill-suited to the crops that might otherwise grow there.
  3. Climate change will accelerate. The climate change we are going to be seeing is likely to accelerate considerably in the coming years. Sea level alone is going to prove fairly problematic.
  4. Carbon sinks are weakening. The oceans are already showing signs of a reduced ability to absorb our emissions. So are plants - as the result of stress during the the warmer, drier years.
  5. Carbon sinks may eventually become carbon emitters. For example, as the temperature of the oceans rise, this will reduce their capacity not simply to absorb carbon dioxide but to hold on to the carbon dioxide they already have.
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