Climate Change

Note: currently this wiki website is under development solely by its originator. As such, it is best regarded as a rough draft and work in progress. Webpages may be renamed, deleted or inaccessible. Within a few weeks there will be an attempt to bring members on board.

An introduction to the processes changing our world…

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The central purpose of this wiki site is to introduce the public to the basic principles of climatology and promote an understanding of anthropogenic global warming. The membership of this site largely consists of climatology enthusiasts, not professional climatologists. As such, we cannot claim that this website will be in any sense authoritative. However, to the best of our ability we will insure that it is accurate and refer you to the appropriate literature and forums where you may learn more. In this way, we hope to create a resource, but also a starting point and hub from which to begin your journey in learning about the processes which are reshaping our world — and what we may do to change them.

Regarding the Structure of This Site

As should be already be apparent, this website is divided into major sections. Perhaps the most important in terms of understanding the basic principles of climatology will be that devoted to the Greenhouse Effect. Like the other sections, we endeavor offer a basic introduction followed by increasing levels of technicality or detail. In the case of the Greenhouse Effect, the more technical levels reference material in the Science:Branches:Physics section as needed. Similar patterns are used with respect to various issues throughout. Then cross-referencing is used between related topics along different branches of the hierarchy. These cross-referencing links appear at the bottom of each page which requires them. Finally, below the cross-referencing links between different sections of the website there are links to different websites and sections of those websites with the link to the main page of each website appearing first. In this way the Climate Change website may act as a not simply as a resource, but as a hub through which to learn about climatology using other resources on the web.

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